The greek mythology story

The greek mythology story
the greek mythology story


First thing first. Let's read about MYTHS.


For the Greeks, mythology was a type of early science since it helped them explain the unexplainable. Traditional Stories of GODS, KINGS, and HEROES. Show the relations between GODS and PEOPLE. Myths seek to explain all those unexplainable questions of life. Like, Where do we go when we die or after we die? How was a world or humans created? Why do we fall in love or why have feelings exist? Why do we see our reflection in the mirror? why e have seven days a week? how was fire created? 


Greek mythology was fully developed in 700 B.C. Homer and Hesiod are widely regarded as the first Greek poets whose works have been preserved. Greek mythology is a collection of Greek myths and traditions that were used to explain the world to the Greeks. Although now these Myths Stories are considered Fiction. But for Greeks these are true. 


the Greeks were described as a "Rough, restless, ambitious, hard-living, inventive race," The Greeks were passionate about life. They felt that you should live life to the utmost because death would come whether you liked it or not. The only way to cope with death was to leave an imprint on the world. Be a legend>>>be Grandios. 

Other beliefs are like:

  • Gods interact with humans also take part in many wars.
  • Humans worship the Gods (usually one in particular) and make burnt flesh offerings to them.
  • Greeks had many Gods.
  • Gods were very human, had weaknesses, and were frequently amusing.
  • The Olympian Gods shared the Greeks' desire for grandior. The Olympian Gods were imperfect because they represented the Greeks: they were quarrelsome, unforgiving, jealous, vindictive, spiteful, and sinful Gods.


There was no earth, sky, or sea in the beginning. There is nothing but confusion and darkness called CHAOS.  MOTHER EARTH was born out of chaos. She eventually gave birth to Uranus, often known as FATHER HEAVEN. Many offspring were born to Mother Earth and Father Heaven.

  • They had three gigantic sons first.
  • They had three more boys, each with fifty heads and one hundred hands. They were the same size and appearance. Cyclops was their name. One of their eyes was centred in the centre of their foreheads. They were as powerful as a combination of earthquakes and tornadoes.
  • Finally, the Titans, six sons and six daughters, became the first gods.

Cronus assassinates his father (Uranus) and ascends to Titan supremacy. Cronus and Rhea had a son and a daughter. Cronus eats all of the children because he is afraid that one of them may grow up and depose him as king. With the sixth Child-Zeus, Rhea deceives Cronus. Cronus is duped by Rhea, who gives him a boulder wrapped in a baby blanket, allowing Zeus to escape. Zeus matures into a powerful god. Zeus returns to Mt. Olympus and administers a toxic drink to Cronus, causing him to vomit up all the children he has consumed. Zeus defeats Cronus and ascends to the throne of the gods.

To destroy their father, the three boys each utilized their weapons to slay their father's wicked strength. As a result, Zeus used his weapon, the thunderbolt. Posidon wielded a trident, while Hades wielded a pitchfork/bident, and the three weapons were combined to make the atrium. The three brothers had to pick who would control the universe now that the fight was ended. They agreed that drawing lots would be the most equitable method of selection. Hades was victorious in the underworld. Poseidon was crowned King of the Sea, while Zeus was crowned King of the Heavens, ruling over all the gods of Mt. Olympus.


  1. CYCLOPES: Cyclopes were ancient giants with a single eye in the center of their forehead.

  2. GIANTS: The giants were Uranus' (the Sky) and Gaia's (the Earth) children, although they were virtually never born. Uranus did not let the giants to be born because he was afraid they would be too powerful, imprisoning them in Gaia's womb.
  3. CENTAUR: Centaur were half-human, half-horse beings.

  4. MEDUSA: Medusa was frequently depicted as a winged female creature with a snake-like head of hair; unlike the Gorgons, she was sometimes represented as very beautiful.

  5. PEGASUS: Pegasus was a legendary winged horse who rose from the blood of Medusa after Perseus killed her.

  6. SIRENS: Sirens was a half-bird, half-woman creature that used the sweetness of her song to seduce sailors to their deaths.

  7. GORGONS: Gorgons were three sisters in Greek mythology who had hair made of real, deadly snakes and the ability to turn anybody to stone with their glance.
  8. CERBERUS: Cerberus was a three-headed dog who guarded Hades' gates, preventing anybody from crossing the river Styx, THE UNDERWORLD'S RIVER.


ZUES: The GOD oF SKY. All gods and mortals regard him as their king, guardian, and father. Zeus is frequently shown as an older man with a beard, and is symbolised by the lightning bolt and the eagle.

HADES: Hades, lord of the UNDERWORLD and ruler of Zeus's dead brother, forbids any of his followers from leaving. He is also the god of wealth, and he spends most of his time in the underworld. Mt. Olympus was not where he lived.

POSIDON: God of the Sea and all water's guardian. His weapon is a trident that can destroy any thing and shake the earth. In terms of godly strength, he is only second to Zeus. He tried to impress Demeter by creating the first Horse, which was a magnificent animal.

ARTIMIS: Artimis, Appolos twins is the goddess of the moon, the hunt, and occasionally the witch. deity of light (the sun), music, and shepherds, sis APPOLO.

ATHENA: Athena is the goddess of defence, wisdom, and handicrafts. For she handed them an olive tree, the city of Athens was named after her. The spider was also developed by him.

HEPHASTUS: Hephastus is a God of the forge; made Zeus’s lightning bolts and the armor for war.  Son of Zeus and Hera • Zeus threw him out of heaven for siding with his mother (Hera)

HERMES: Hermes, god of trade, thieves, and science (sometimes medicine), is a messenger of the gods.

ARES: Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera, and he is the god of war.

DIONYSUS: Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, revelry, and theatre. But Not traditionally regarded as a "Olympian" god.

APHRODITE : Aphrodite goddess of beauty love and sexuality she were married to hephastus. 


Is not the same as HEAVEN. When people died, they all went to the Underworld.
Hades is not a Devil. He's on par with the other gods in terms of honour.
Charon was a boatman who ferried people/spirits across the river Styx so they may reach the Underworld. He wanted a tip, so he buried them with pennies in their eyes so that they could pay him.
Cerberus is a three-headed hound who guards the entrance to the city.
There are three levels:
Tartarus is a place of suffering and pain.
The Asphodel Fields are a place where spirits roam freely like shadows.
Elysian Fields: Paradise awaits heroes.


In conclusion I would say that there is no kind of truth found in this mythology. There is only imagination Every religion has its own importance and we need to respect every religion. There is a saying that don't even abuse to a persons personality or else it will revert back as curse. We should not discriminate others religion but we need to only stick with what we believe..We don't obey on this we as muslims only obey the orders given by Allah SWT. We only have faith in Allah SWT his holy book Quran and Prophet Peace be upon him.