Role of adolescents in Tackling Climate Change in Asia pacific Region

The Asia and the Pacific location is dealing with the disastrous results of the weather disaster. Temperatures are increasing, floods and droughts have become extra intense, and sea-degrees are rising, with dire effects for younger human beings throughout the location.

Role of adolescents in Tackling Climate Change in Asia pacific Region
Role of adolescents in Tackling Climate Change in Asia pacific Region


The Asia and the Pacific location is dealing with the disastrous results of the weather disaster. Temperatures are increasing, floods and droughts have become extra intense, and sea-degrees are rising, with dire effects for younger human beings throughout the location. However, the weather disaster isn't inevitable and children, who see weather extrude as a local priority, are a critical a part of the solution. The Asia-Pacific location is domestic to extra than 660 million younger human beings. Asia and the Pacific stays the fastest-developing location within side the world. It represents substantial possibilities with excessive degrees of cellular connectivity and innovation, training structures poised for transformation, and a thriving non-public sector. The effects of weather extrude are compounded similarly for children from underserved groups which include children with disabilities, Indigenous children and LGBTQ+ children, who're at similarly hazard of being left behind. Nonetheless, there are complicated demanding situations and dangers keeping younger human beings with inside the location from achieving their complete potential, and advocating for a cleaner, more secure environment. Many of the demanding situations regarding children engagement round weather extrude issues, can all be traced lower back to broader human rights, democracy and governance demanding situations. Climate justice, in addressing human rights in addition to social and monetary inequalities, has grown to be of urgent importance with the pandemic augmenting them. Marginalized groups, which include younger women, children from indigenous groups, younger humans with disabilities, and children from ethnic and minority groups, already on the front lines of the weather disaster had been oversee with the aid of using the demanding situations of the pandemic. Existing inequalities suggest human beings might also additionally face weather extrude now no longer most effective differently, however extra intensely and with inside the absence of resources, keep standing its effects for an extended term, decreasing their probabilities of recovering. This is similarly impacted with the aid of using the shrinking civic area with inside the location, which has exacerbated the dangers confronted with the aid of using environmental defenders and activists of their protection of human rights regarding the environment. Inclusive and sustainable restoration plans require extra reputation of interconnectivity of the 2030. Agenda, the Paris Agreement, the post-2020 international Biodiversity Framework as they construct post-COVID-19 plans.



Stockholm+50 will commemorate the 1972 United Nations Conference at the Environment and have fun 50 years of world environmental action. By spotting the significance of multilateralism in tackling the Earth’s triple planetary crisis – weather, nature, and pollution – the occasion objectives to behave as a springboard boost up the implementation of the UN Decade of Action to supply the Sustainable Development Goals, consisting of the 2030 Agenda, Paris Agreement on weather change, the post-2020 worldwide Biodiversity Framework, and inspire the adoption of inexperienced post-COVID-19 healing plans.

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This year, the Road to Stockholm+50 Pakistan  Regional Consultation on Youth Empowerment in Climate Action, co-prepared with the aid of using designs crunchInnovative Nozzle, Youth Association Network in partnership with many companies. Lead as much as Stockholm+50 convention in June 2022. The Road to Stockholm+50 Regional Dialogue on Youth Empowerment in Climate Action will now no longer the simplest awareness on direct participation with inside the NDC revision, implementation and tracking processes, however it'll additionally spotlight environmental multilateralism works, worldwide partnerships and collaboration for the planet, instantaneously motion for the surroundings to create a higher destiny on a wholesome planet, and a possibility to enhance the great of lifestyles for billions of people. In different words, it'll deliver collectively stakeholders (individuals, communities, companies and governments) throughout Asia and the Pacific to step up our collective efforts to guide younger environmental human rights activists and their transformative answers to steer the manner in our adventure past recovery, in the direction of 2030. The Road to Stockholm+50 Regional Dialogue is anticipated to spotlight, encourage and understand the position of kids aligning at the topic of “Only One Earth” to push kids in the direction of taking a motion in figuring out their imaginative and prescient of the destiny, aligned with certainly considered one among Stockholm+50’s key messages: “We have Only One Earth, and time is strolling out. Everyone’s moves count.” The topic can offer a base to curate the precise agendas, showcases and surroundings partners.

The objectives of  Stockholm+50 Pakistan Regional Consultation Was .

  • Raise awareness, create a call-to-action and prepare young climate advocates across Asia and the Pacific for larger, global dialogues in the lead up to Stockholm+50 conference;


  • Provide a platform for young environmental human rights activists at national and regional levels to discuss experience of climate change and environmental advocacy strategies;


  • Encourage stakeholders to participate in a meaningful and diverse way to address the underlying opportunities, obligations, and delivery of unfulfilled pledges;


  • Strengthen the collaboration between youth from the Asia Pacific region, development organizations, policy makers and other stakeholders;


  • Highlight local and regional youth-led climate adaptation and mitigation initiatives;


  • Promote green jobs and green businesses available in the Asia-Pacific region.



      This event has created a huge impact in our community .


  • We have reached to more than 5000+ people through our social media campaigns through different social media platform which includes Facebook , Instagram , linked in , What’s app and etc. .

  • We have given a platform to more ten 15 passionate and dedicated youth to organized this event and improve their leadership and event management skills.


  • 150+ Participants from more than 20+ countries around the globe , from 3 continents and people from more than 3 time zones were interacting at time .


  • Awareness about climate change and its impact our daily life was shared due to which many participants pledged to spread awareness and advocacy about climate change in there circle from now .


  • Many impactful policy inputs were shared by our speaker and industry leaders and had a constructive discussion on it as well .



Stockholm Pakistan nearby session on weather alternate and SDGs which became a digital communicate prepared via zoom on 31st May  2022 in which humans from age of 18-35 have participated in our occasion who had been professionalsEntrepreneursEnvironmental ActivistNGOs owner, Policy Advocates, Government Stakeholder and Youth Leaders from 20+ Countries have participated and registered for our occasion from more  than 3 Continents across the globe, now no longer most effective this greater than 12+ expert and enterprise leaders had been invited as visitor speaker whose know-how had been from discipline of weather alternate and weather coverage making. The predominant purpose of this Stockholm50 Pakistan Regional Consultation on Climate alternate and SDGs became to sell STOCKHOM50 Conference, spread attention in People Approximately Climate alternate and its effect and the way are we able to put together our self for sustainable future. And additionally deliver key stakeholders of an enterprise to proportion their mind and look at on weather alternate and there enjoy and additionally proportion their coverage inputs how are we able to shield our self and upcoming technology from this worldwide weather alternate trouble for our sustainable future.