Matriculation Vs O'levels

Pros and cons of Matriculation and Olevels.

Matriculation Vs O'levels

Pakistan's education system is said to be one of the oldest in the world. It is ranked 125th in the world. The main reason for such a backward education system is that least attention and resources are allocated to it. Education, nowadays, has become more of a business, and the competition of class between schools just eradicates the essence of education and knowledge. 

One of the most important stages of education in Pakistan is the secondary education stage or grades 9th and 10th. Students have two options in Secondary school, either Matriculation (Federal system of education) or O levels (British system of education)

Myths about Matriculation: 

We've often heard that Matric is just cramming. FBISE, i.e. The Federal Board of Intermediate examination has introduced a new structure of education. This is called SLO- based learning. SLO stands for student learning objectives. Thus from this year i.e. 2022, the exams come from a mixture of theory, application and concept. Unlike the widely known myth that the questions come from the review exercises only, but from now onwards the exam may come out of book and is concept based. Thus the cramming system no longer exists in the Matriculation system. Also, students were told that the examiners count the lines and the larger the answer is the more marks you score. This method of checking has also been removed, and now e-sheets are introduced in which student is allotted specific space and lines for the answer. He or she may not exceed the limit. Thus length no longer has a value. Also, in this year's exams, the formulae for the Physics paper were even given and the periodic table for chemistry exam was given. Yes, in Matric you will have to memorise certain things like you have to in any field of education, but working on concepts also leads to success. 

Myths about O levels : 

It is often said that there is NO memorisation in O levels. It’s a fact of common sense and common knowledge that education cannot be done without memorising certain terms, certain words in order to answer a question completely. No matter what setup of education it is, you will have to memorise the meanings of difficult words, the definitions in sciences and the dates and names in history. It is an inevitable thing.

A Comparison of Matric and O'Levels: 

The main reason why most students in Pakistan prefer Matric is because it's affordable. The O’level system is costly and you need to pay a good amount for registration of every paper. In the Matric system, the books are much cheaper whereas in O’levels the books are quite expensive. But then again, the Matric exams are also held in Government schools with less facilities and O’levels exams are mostly held in comfortable marquees. 

Matric system allows students to get more marks. The high achievers can easily score above 85 percent. Whereas when the O’levels percentages and grades are converted to marks for admission in universities; they are much below the required merit. Thus to get better marks, people prefer Matric system. It is to be noted that the O’level system has quite tough English, which focuses on creative writing skills, but the Matric system has easier English which basically focuses on the Grammar. The Urdu of the O’level system is possibly the easiest subject and Urdu of the Matric system is quite advanced, consisting of Ghazals and afsanay. Basically it leads you to the depth of urdu literature. The O’level system of education allows, in fact encourages students to think out of the box, but the Matric system encourages them to stick to the book. The O’level system thus does not have a very hard and challenging syllabus, in fact it focuses on encouraging students to write in their own words and understand fully.  However their Mathematical portion is tough, which consists of the D-series. The numericals of Physics and Chemistry are quite challenging and they need to have a strong concept-base and analytical capabilities to solve them.  

Which to choose and why ?

  1. It mainly depends on your field. If you want to go for Medical or Engineering then, Matriculation is the best option. If you want arts or business studies, then go ahead for O’levels. Generally, students who intend to pursue careers in Pakistan should go for Matric but students who intend to go abroad should go for O’levels.