Maalik - A bitter reality

Maalik, a flim banned.

Maalik - A bitter reality
Maalik - A bitter reality/ Why was it banned?

Maalik (2016) Cast, Release Date, Box Office Collection and Trailer

Ashir Azeem - The director, producer, and writer

Ashir Azeem is a Canadian-Pakistani film writer. He is now settled in Canada. Ashir Azeem worked in the Airforce, as a customs officer, and even worked in the Civil Services Academy of Pakistan. Ashir Azeem has worked relentlessly to strengthen Pakistan’s economic and strategic reforms and bring change to the system of governance. His efforts for the country and sincerity are undoubtedly remarkable and commendable. Ashir Azeem also happens to be a producer and actor. He has acted in Dhuwaan, Yalghaar, and most importantly Maalik, a film that exposes all that is hidden from us. 

Maalik - A brief summary

Maalik was made in 2016, Ashir Azeem is the producer, writer, and director and also plays the role of Mr.Asad. Maalik basically explains the system of establishment and governance in Pakistan. It swiftly takes 3 stories. One is of a Pashtun family, the other of a school teacher, and the last about Mr, Asad, an SSG officer. While Major Asad undergoes a mission, he faces a personal tragedy and loses his wife who just gave birth to a daughter. Major Asad applies for early retirement and begins to work at the CM house as a security officer. On the other hand, the school teacher is against a feudal landlord in the elections. The feudal landlord is a powerful man and does not tolerate that a school teacher is challenging him, so he abducts and kills his daughter who is a lawyer, and blames it on her brother. The boy goes to jail and then he is told that he can be released from jail if he kills the CM. The school teacher, being an honest man, turns his son into Major Asad and asks him to investigate the case. It is revealed that the schoolteacher and his son were correct and the girl was ruthlessly murdered by the CM himself. The third story is of a Pashtun family who escapes the ravages of the Soviet War in Afghanistan. The family consists of an old father, two daughters, and a mother. The mother works at a wealthy house as a maid. The CM sees the woman’s daughter once who is a beautiful girl and asks for her to be arranged. The SHO of the district lures the girl into the CM’s house. Major Asad hears the girl’s cries yet he doesn't stop the CM as he is a powerful man. However later, as an assassination attempt is made and the CM openly accepts that he sexually assaulted the girl, thus Major Asad kills him on spot. 

The best dialogue in the whole movie was “ Main Pakistan ka shehri, Pakistan ka Maalik hun.”

What does Maalik try to unveil?

Maalik unveils how the establishment works. It shows that a powerful man cannot be defeated in this social structure. It shows how corruption and dishonesty prevail in all segments of society. Maalik is the truth no one wants us to see. It shows how the poor man is forced and hopeless in every situation. 

Why was it banned?

Maalik was banned by the Government of Pakistan. The Government gives the statement that it creates an ill image of the politicians and abuse is promoted through this movie. However, the KPK government approved of it. Maalik removes the curtain of blindness from every citizen’s eyes. The government does not want us to see what actually happens, and how the country works. The truth is, no such democracy prevails in Pakistan. Corruption and dishonesty on each level will lead to the destruction of the economy due to which the country may collapse. Ashir Azeem put a lot of effort into this film and is now in Canada and drives a truck. This is basically called brain drain when the capable people of a nation migrate. But Ashir is still just as patriotic as before. His love for his country still does not surrender, and he is still hopeful that Pakistan may prosper because it is never too late. It’s high time that the government and people begin to realize that they are losing gems. It’s high time that we worked hard for this nation, as it is a land we fought for and the only nuclear power in the Muslim World. 

Pakistan Zindabad.