How artificial intelligence will change the future

Today we are surrounded by devices that our ancestors could even not imagine. Life has constantly been changing for those who were born in the fifties and sixties, and what they are witnessing today, might have been unbelievable for them then, and might have been considered magic at times.

How artificial intelligence will change the future
Experts say the world is going to be totally overtaken by the AI in next 50 years

Time Square News (Karachi): We open an application on our mobile phone, which is for a specific gas station in the city we live in, and with a soft click on the screen, we give the order over the phone to the fuel pump to start filling and after completion of the filling, the amount is deducted immediately from our bank accounts. That’s not fiction anymore. It is what is happening in today’s world.

The story has gone beyond the miracle of booking travel tickets directly through the phone screen or paying electricity and water bills through the bank application. You are now experiencing a direct electronic dialogue between things; between a deaf phone and a deaf fuel pump, and between them, I have no role but to open the fuel hatch cover, no more, and perhaps soon the pumps themselves will have robots capable of accomplishing the entire fuel filling process.

This scene terrified me, although it suggests comfort, and reflects the ease of life through artificial intelligence, and some advertisements have already begun to appear about new, modern and smart refrigerators, giving you the acidity percentage in the items stocked in them. Or maybe there are certain items you that are running out of, and the refrigerator could provide you with a list of them through your smartphone while you are in the store shopping! Imagine the gadgets in the kitchen are equipped with artificial intelligence that may, one day, determine your daily taste for food within health standards, and those gadgets are linked to a device you wear like a watch that determines what your body needs, like minerals and vitamins. Think of yourself talking to your phone and that converts your talk into smart eye-catching advertisements instantly. Should we still call it a “phone”?

The function of the mobile phone in communicating with the rest of mankind is the least of the services provided by this sophisticated device in your hand today, and it never leaves you!! It is now a world of “smart things” that communicate with each other and sometimes even without humans involved. No one can do without their smartphone for long even, let’s say, for a day. Some modern applications are designed to accompany us while we are asleep too! It's the era of “the Internet of things”.

Just think of a person whose family doctor tells him that there is no need for him to personally attend the clinic. Rather it would be enough for him to send the laboratory results to the doctor through an email, and he will send back an email with a prescription for the necessary medication, and if a clinical medical diagnosis is required, the email is between them to tell an appropriate time to attend. All the things we have today to explain through the rhetoric in the poetry in front of people might become ordinary usual things for them in the future, like getting pulse rate with a smart bracelet that is wrapped around the wrist and sends the result instantly over the signals to some doctor who may be based on another continent. Amazing!

Even in the medical laboratory, we read in press reports that it has been reduced to small bags so that people can perform certain analyses in their homes through smart devices that draw blood or any other sample, analyze them, and send the result to the doctor. It's the era of “the Internet of Things”. They are now talking about a smart application that works through a smarter computer, which can be connected to modern and smart cars coming to the market soon. This application will examine the car for you technically and will send its report to the concerned authorities who will then send you the technical license. All you will have to do is to touch the screen to pay the fees and taxes! It is “the era of the Internet of things”, but I wonder what the future of us humans will be then. Are we going to be replaced by the machines and sit idly at our homes doing nothing?