Interview of Ali Imtiaz (Content Creator & Musician from Pakistan) taken by Dilnasheen Khan

Ali Imtiaz is a Content Creator & Musician from Pakistan and currently residing in UAE.

Interview of Ali Imtiaz (Content Creator & Musician from Pakistan) taken by Dilnasheen Khan

Dilnasheen: Please mention your good self in detail including your full name, your professional, business, political or social background etc. for the readers of Time Square News.

Ali Imtiaz: My name is Ali Imtiaz. I am Content Creator & Musician from Pakistan and currently residing in UAE. I am into digital marketing as well.

Dilnasheen: Please put light upon your early life.

Ali Imtiaz: I belong to religious background. In the beginning, I was a bit worried about the fact that what would be the reaction of my family when they knew about my singing but everything went good.

Dilnasheen: Please provide a detailed description of your educational background.

Ali Imtiaz: I have done my masters from Fast Pakistan & Edinburgh Business School UK. Also 25 different certifications from across the globe including Harvard University, London School Of Economics, Google & Meta.

Dilnasheen: What was your favourite subject and which subject did you not like?

Ali Imtiaz: I found the HR field to be interesting so did my majors in HR in both masters. But later on, digital marketing attracted me a lot & that became my profession.

Dilnasheen: Please provide a detailed description of your professional or business background.

Ali Imtiaz: I have worked both in Pak & UAE. Luckily all of them were multi-national companies so I learned a lot.

Dilnasheen: Please provide a brief description of your home or the place where you are living at the moment.

Ali Imtiaz: Well I  live in both Pak & UAE. Sometimes here sometimes there.

Dilnasheen: How many other countries have you travelled?

Ali Imtiaz: Other than UAE & Pak, I have just been to Oman. 

Dilnasheen: How do you see the future of your group or politics?

Ali Imtiaz: It looks pretty alarming.

Dilnasheen: Are you satisfied with the progress of the government?

Ali Imtiaz: Yes!  The government is doing a great job.

Dilnasheen: Do you watch movies?

Ali Imtiaz: Not really. I watch TV shows i.e. seasons.

Dilnasheen: Who is your favourite actor & actress?

Ali Imtiaz: Ayeza Khan. Kristen Stewart. Anushka Sharma.

Dilnasheen: What is your favourite food?

Ali Imtiaz: Pulao. Malai Boti. Shawarma. . Makai ki Roti.

Dilnasheen: Which celebrities you have done a collaboration with?

Ali Imtiaz: I have sung songs with Sarmad Qadeer & Aliha Chaudhry. The well-renowned Pakistani music producer Saad Sultan is the man behind the music of most of my songs. Also amazing young talent Krypton Guys. Kinza Hashmi was going to act in my big-budget music video Laut Aana. But unfortunately, it didn't go through due to her busy schedule & other issues. In the end, the project was shelved & eventually the song was released with a completely different production team & on a low budget.

Dilnasheen: Please provide your comments about our news portal Time Square News.

Ali Imtiaz: Excellent platform. They are doing amazing work. I would like to thank you guys for this interview.

Dilnasheen: Would you like to talk about your future projects?

Ali Imtiaz: Yes an original naat titled Sarkar e Do Jahan. I have sung the English song Again before which was released back in 2012 as a T20 World Cup song. So there is a revamped version of it coming now. It is a rock song. 

Dilnasheen: Favourite song of yours?

Ali Imtiaz: The song I love the most of mine is Laut Aana. I think it is the best work I have done so far. Also, my song Dil Deewana is close to me since it was the first ever song I wrote. 

Dilnasheen: Have you sung & written all of your songs?

Ali Imtiaz: Not all of them but yes majority of them. In fact, I have directed a few of my music videos as well. While the first couple clearly shows my amateur skill as a director but I guess I did quite well with the Sarzameen e Pak video.

Dilnasheen: Have you sung any national song?

Ali Imtiaz: Yes my last one was a national song. Sarzameen e Pak is said to be the first official national anthem of Pakistan. But I am not sure about the authenticity of this claim. Maybe historians can tell. But it's mentioned in some articles like one of Dawn as well. Available online for you to read.

Dilnasheen: Any other thing we don't know about your singing career?

Ali Imtiaz: Well everything is covered. I also recorded my vocals for one nasheed The Omnipotent. It is available on Youtube. Actually, it is the combination of Allahu by Sami Yusuf & Wohi Khuda Hai by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.