Foods you need to cut down on to stop gaining weight

Obesity in Pakistan, food that needs to be cut down

Foods you need to cut down on to stop gaining weight
Foods you need to cut down on to stop gaining weight

At this time, the world’s hunger is getting incredible. Let’s shout out to every obese Pakistani that, “working on you is the hardest part of life, the rest comes after”. Pakistan is indeed a place of traditions, spice, and love. This place is rich in taste, the delicious foods; we can easily find conventional food lovers in this country.
Things will never change; every single Pakistani will continue eating their traditional food. They will continue craving it. All they will do is gobble loads to satisfy their desire. They are not just nibbling but are directing themselves towards disaster. Maybe they are aware but still, the reality seems oblivious to them.  Despite knowing the outcome, they are leading themselves in the same direction.

Fence out your relationship with food
Obesity has become a hot topic nowadays. What is the cause? The reason is not the food but it’s your passion for food. Pakistani people it’s you, who’s not ready to put off hands from heavy meals. Let us make things smooth for you now.
Firstly try recognizing the cause: for this purpose; stand in front of the mirror on your heels, then feel, are your toes able to bear your weight? If no, then get conscious; try to bring a change within yourself. Commence with three healthy habits:-
Diet, the origin of weight loss.
2) Next on the list: Physical exercise.
3) Drink plenty of water daily, before every meal.

Inhibit your desire for food
though there are several reasons for obesity. Well, every Pakistani needs to be aware of all the causes around them, as mentioned before, it’s you who can make a difference but the variety of foodstuff you devour matters. Other than snacks, in today’s world, technology and one’s lethargic, dull and careless attitude have added up to this grave problem. These reasons provoke chubbiness. All you need to do is, play with an attentive brain. Keep your nerves active and hamper the food items that can rotund your body.

An ailment that you must restrain from

  • Reserve a half-filled plate: this will restrict the limit of food items in your meal.
  • Eat less but eat healthily: intake of proteins in breakfast is recommended the most, this food group digests at a slow rate and so it demands more time to assimilate.
  • Confine the number of carbohydrates in diet: it causes an abrupt gain in weight. Pakistani friends, you need to stay away from rice, which is indeed a white carbohydrate, then do not consume more potatoes and of course fine flour chapatti. You can have them once or twice a week.
  • Exclude junk foods and cold drinks from your life: classic people are often fond of eating pizzas, zingers, pasta they can’t live without coke but the sad part is; these meals expand your width. These snacks are not healthy and can cause various diseases apart from obesity. You can’t trust anyone in this case.
  • Say no to delicious, traditional food: I know it’s a hard task to avoid Chicken or meat karahi, Biryani, tikka, kabab, etc, but to attain your target and to keep yourself slim, you need to sacrifice. Just put a little effort, it will save you from taking in million calories.
  • Do not eliminate any food group: all food groups are essential as these provide you energy to do daily work. The only thing that needed to be done is, to take food from every food group in a lesser quantity.
  • Wipe out tea, coffee, and fizzy drinks from your routine diet: these beverages can accumulate a large number of fats in your body, which eventually gets settled under your skin and around your organs, leading to obesity as well as heart problems. Pakistani people need not forget the increasing rate of heart diseases spreading in Pakistan.
  • Get rid of sugar: life goes tasteless without Gulab Jamun, Rasmalayi, Barfi, Laddo, and even chocolates but for the sake of adopting a healthy lifestyle all conventional people have to knock out such oversweet items. Try to build a fence around yourself and keep firm control over your desire to eat sweets.
  • Choose dry fruits cautiously: Peanuts, Akhroat, Pista, and what else? Classic people prefer these in winter, but a piece of sincere advice to every Pakistani is to keep the amount restricted. Peanuts or nuts; contain a lot of fat. These are the basis of fats that may stay undigested in the body and thicken the layer of your skin.

Lastly, take a nice eight-hour sleep, as it is necessary for an active attitude, stay safe and stay beautiful. I hope the advice would prove to be useful as provides you with a package of solutions to a bundle of your problems. Once you trust us, you will never regret it. We will always help you to turn lively and strong.