Do not consider February just a month, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises

Do not consider February just a month, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises

February, the last month of Winter, is considered the month of hope and fertility. In this month, Winter proceeds to an end and brings a bright spring. Snowdrops are the flowers that bloom at the end of Winter marking Spring's arrival. It is a Christian belief that when Adam and Eve were sent on earth and they became disappointed and hopeless due to severe cold and icy weather, an angel came and changed the snowflakes into snowdrops. The snowdrops realized that the Winter is going to end and bring a pure spring. So, February is a month of hope, especially for disappointed people. 

 It consists of 28 days in a common year and 29 days in a leap year. An interesting fact about Leap Day is that in many regions on this day, women can propose to any unmarried man, and men are supposed to say Yes as per tradition. (That might be the reason why men call  February unlucky) 
Apart from the spring arrival and leap day, February also has a rich history of celebrations and important days. Like;

On the first of February, the Chinese Calendar marks its New Year and the Chinees celebrate it with fun and joy. This day also celebrates the National Freedom Day of the U.S. On February first, 1865,
U.S President Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th amendment to the constitution, claiming the prohibition of slavery. It was a momentous day in the history of the U.S. 

On the second of February, the U.S celebrates the Groundhog Tradition. On this day, the groundhog emerges from his hibernation and predicts the weather through its behavior. The groundhog forecast, whether the Winter has ended or would it last for more than six weeks.

On the fourth of February, World Cancer Day is observed worldwide. The day aims to spread awareness against Cancer and encourage cancer victims to treatment. On fifth February, Pakistan celebrates Kashmir Day. The country observes a national holiday and assures its support and unity to the people of Kashmir. 

On 13th February, World Radio Day is celebrated. The day was declared in 2011, by UNESCO for the purpose of honoring radio for playing a crucial role in spreading news worldwide, in times of crisis.  On the 20th day of February, the World Day of Social Justice is celebrated. The day was declared by the General Assembly in 2007. 

On 22nd February, the U.S celebrates Presidents’ Day in honor of the first president of the U.S, George Washington. The day also celebrated Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. In a way, the day celebrates all the presidents of the U.S in collaboration.