BJP threatens Muslims with genocide in India

Despite hate speech by extremist Hindus affiliated with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) against Muslim genocide, police in Uttarakhand have failed to crack down on them.

BJP threatens Muslims with genocide in India
Hindu against Muslims in democratic India (Time Square News file image 007)

Time square news (Karachi): Clips of a three-day religious gathering called Dharma Sansad in Uttarakhand are circulating on social media, NDTV reports. In which BJP women's wing leader Radyata Tyagi and BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay also participated.

Prabodhananda Giri, of the extremist group Hindu Raksha Sena, can be heard saying in the video that like our police, politicians, and army in Myanmar, every Hindu should be armed and wipe out the Muslims because there is no other option.

According to the report, the police have not carried out an action against those who made hate speeches despite the videos being circulating on social media for four days.

" I do not deplore what I said. I am not fearful of the police and I stand by my position," he told NDTV in an interview.

Sakit Gokhale, leader of the Trinamool Congress and an RTI activist, filed a complaint at the police station. A second video shows Pooja Shakun Pandey alias Sadhvi Annapurna calling for violence against Muslims. Kill them if you want to, he said. "We require 100 soldiers that can slay 2 million."According to the police, no complaint has been made so far, but police are monitoring the situation.