Batman 2 has released with new villians and catwoman

Thrilling news for Bat-fans. Batman 2 is hitting the box office. The director Matt Reeves brought the character of Batman 2 in villainary delusion.

Batman 2 has released with new villians and catwoman
Batman 2 released with its new version.

Following the years from 2012, after The Dark Knight. Bat-fans were enthusiastic for the next sequel. Here wait is over Warner Brother had released trailers of Batman 2 which was further confirmed by Matt Reeve and Robert Pattinson and now the sequel is hitting box office.

The scenes revealed Robert Pattinson in Bruce Wayne character who enter in Gotham city to drive away criminals.

Batman 2, The Caped Crusader released in first week of March - 2022. The agenda of the feature title sequence in Gotham city. Batman uncovers the corruption but the evidences lead him to his family.

 The Director Matt Reeves during the interview says:

        "Batman 2 is going to be a new iteration."

Batman 2 is inspired by 1970s cinemas and comic books from 1980s with the conviction:

          "With great personalities there is greater power"

Matt Reeves, the director further put in excitement with confirming the new entries that brought the bat-fans at the edge of their seat.

Colin Farrell's Penguin

Zoe Karlitz's Catwoman

Paul Dano's Riddler

Villains in Batman 2:

Like other characters of Batman 2, Bat-fans are really excited to know the villains.This question mark has now uncover.

1- Mr - Freez- Matthias Schweighofer:

Daniel rpk has little update on his Twitter account about Mr.Freez, the villain of batman.Oh, yes there is Mr. Freez. It sounds so good. Comics fan love the character of Mr. Freez. Obviously we have seen Mr. Freez in live actions multiple times before.

2-The Riddler:

The Riddler is going to be the Batman's most dangerous enemy. The Batman 2 director Matt Reeves envisioned Paul Dano in Riddle's mask.

3-The Penguin:

Most anticipated villain of Batman 2. Collin Farrell was getting ready to cause mayhem in Gotham city as he undergoes the ultimate transformation to become villainous Penguin in Batman 2.

4-Carmine Falcone:

You must have observed twist after another twist through trailers of Batman 2. The entry of Carmine Falcone is one of them. The crime boss Carmine Falcone is played by John Turturro. It seems that they are going the comic book route when it comes to Carmine and Catwoman.

Batman in this sequel is not observed as a friendly hero but a villain it self. Its ending shows the story batman never ends, so you want to leave it in a place where the story continues. The ending speaks of continuation is to say that Batman lives on.